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HappyCulture makes you live, through its welcome and conviviality, the French art of living.

The art of living HappyCulture version

What is the art of living? It is the art of appreciating beautiful things, the art of taking the time to admire a place, to taste a wine, a good meal always full of tradition, innovation and above all pleasure!

The French art of living means enjoying culture, eating in restaurants, strolling in shops and visiting museums.

In France, the art of living is first and foremost the art of eating well. But not only: the French like to be elegant and are the kings of shopping. In France, the cultural offer is very rich. And logically, the French love to go to exhibitions, concerts, theatres and darkened cinemas. And finally, for the French, the art of living is also the art of partying.

Everything is then a pretext to get together and have a good time. France is a country of conviviality and sharing. Let’s make the most of it!

HappyCulture hotels are a reflection of the French Art de Vivre. You will find this spirit of conviviality, sharing and elegance in each of our establishments…

Our notions of welcome

Our goal: that you feel at home with us as you do with us. We do our utmost to satisfy your needs.

Need to regain your strength? A quiet place to work? A place to rest? Or do you want to freshen up, have a snack, drop off a bag or suitcase? Look no further than the nearest HappyCulture hotel.

With your Sesame Card (given at the beginning of your stay), our HappyCulture services are available to you in all our hotels.

Take advantage of our concierge service, coffee machines, phone chargers, luggage storage, free WiFi, umbrellas, business corners and restrooms, wherever you are!

Our small attentions

At HappyCulture, we believe that your happiness comes through small attentions. That’s why we focus on all those little everyday gestures that make all the difference.

Because a smile brightens a day, a recommendation is worth a thousand opinions, a picture a thousand words…

Because our teams know the area, they are able to advise you on your outings, ticket purchases, reservations and choice of restaurants.

And this is an integral part of our mission. With enthusiasm and professionalism, and thanks to the attention that our teams pay to you, we always do our utmost to make your stay the best it can be!

The little addresses you’re given…

HappyCulture Hotels deliver you their good tips and good addresses throughout France! Good addresses in Bordeaux, ideas for outings in Strasbourg, gastronomic evenings in Lyon, cultural trips in Nice, fashion events in Paris, etc…

We give you our unusual and secret addresses, our original walks, surprising places, favourite and little known restaurants for tourists!

Visit France in a different way thanks to our good tips and best addresses for outings, shopping, events, fashion, beauty, decoration, culture, fooding, restaurants, leisure…

All our getaway ideas and hidden addresses. Treat yourself to a little getaway with HappyCulture!

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