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HappyCulture launches a concrete and operational solution to facilitate your life choices!

Join the community and subscribe to the #COMMUTERS card: no points to accumulate & no objectives to reach. Simply the guarantee of a secondary room when you travel regularly!

No need to keep two homes when you choose to move away from your place of work, #COMMUTERS makes your country house project a little less fuzzy.

With #COMMUTERS, don't look for your secondary room anymore!

  • #COMMUTERS, a simple, no-surprise & tailor-made offer
  • Do you travel regularly for your work ? HappyCulture offers you a simple turnkey solution, with no surprises & tailored to your needs !
  • - Simple: Commuting has never been easier with #commuters. Whenever you need to travel, and in order to make your life choice intuitive and harmonious, #commuters makes your stay easier.
  • - No surprises: Whatever your habits and needs at the time, having a secondary room at a hotel has never been more convenient. Also benefit from year-round price caps.
  • - Customized: #commuters frees your mind and provides you with your own room when you're not living where you work. Join & discover everything that makes your daily life easier and your night away from home more enjoyable.

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#COMMUTERS, secondary appart hotel for your business trips

It's hard to organize your daily life when you live far from your work. You are tired of moving from hotel to hotel, of making endless commutes, and you don't want to invest in a second home closer to your office ? HappyCulture has the solution you need, with its #Commuters offer: a secondary hotel apartment for all your professional trips.

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#Commuters : discover our secondary room offer for professionals

Secondary apartment hotel for your business trips: the advantages

Your secondary apartment hotel in every major city in France


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Our #Commuters hotels for business trips



There is bound to be a feel-good hotel made for you. In Paris, Nice and nine other cities in France, our 38 establishments distil the HappyCulture philosophy in all its forms.

You choose! We offer you ultra-polished boutique hotels for your leisure stays, and well-equipped office hotels for your business trips. Depending on how you feel, you can opt for a place with a bar or restaurant that’s part of the local fabric, or a quiet place for your stay. Whatever your preference, you can always count on modern comfort and a tasty, appetising and healthy breakfast - three virtues that we can serve up in veggie or vegan version on demand.

The icing on the cake: the key to our hotels is an open sesame key that gives you access to all our hotels. Take the opportunity to freshen up with a few breaks sprinkled into your visit to Paris or Nice. Finally, don't forget to log in to the HappyCulture portal to make the most of all our online services. At HappyCulture, we take care of the little things off and online. Check-in, check-out and much more, save time and enjoy yourself by avoiding the administrative hassle of reception.


HappyCulture x Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque
Supported by prestigious guests, the sports challenge that mobilized 400 people in Montmartre has raised funds to make the heart beat of 7 children!

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