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Discover HappyCulture, with forty-five addresses in France and Europe, for an unforgettable holiday. As responsible hoteliers, HappyCulture is a family of hotels that takes its social commitment seriously.

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Committed Hotels

HappyCulture is a family of hotels that takes its social commitment seriously. Our clients are business and leisure travellers who are looking for quality hotels that are environmentally conscious.

There is a feel good hotel for you on the menu. In Paris, Nice and nine other cities in France, our 45 establishments distil the HappyCulture philosophy in all modes.

So the choice is yours! We offer you ultra stylish boutique hotels for your pleasure stays, and well-equipped office hotels for your business trips. Depending on what you want to do, you can choose a place with a bar or a restaurant in the local area, or a quiet place dedicated to your nights.

Whatever your preference, you can always count on modern comfort and a B.B.S. breakfast. That means good, beautiful and healthy. Three virtues that we combine in veggie or vegan mode, on request.

The icing on the cake is that the key to our hotels is a sesame that gives access to all our hotels. Take advantage of this to punctuate your visit to Paris or Nice with breaks during which you can refresh yourself. Finally, don't forget to connect to the HappyCulture portal, our solution to benefit from all our online services. Indeed, at HappyCulture the little attentions are declined off and online. Check-in, check-out and more, save time and pleasure by avoiding the administrative hassle of the reception.


HappyCulture x Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque
Supported by prestigious guests, the sports challenge that mobilized 400 people in Montmartre has raised funds to make the heart beat of 7 children!

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