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HappyCulture is a hotel label that aims to distinguish its establishments with attentive service, both in person and online.

There’s a reason our name makes you think of honey and bees. We didn’t choose it at random, much less for its bucolic look.

If hives inspire us, it is because they are a model of collective intelligence and collective intelligence is at the heart of our development.


HappyCulture is a family of hotels that takes its social commitment seriously. Our customers are business and leisure travellers who are looking for quality hotels that are mindful of their ecological footprint.

We have deployed an ambitious CSR programme that implements concrete actions and we want to offer our guests a stay with a clear conscience.

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It's contagious. At HappyCulture we are looking for people who have a taste for hospitality and a passion for something different.

When you love your work and put joy into it, the happiness is infectious.


The willingness to give more than you need to give makes a difference. The attention to that little extra that makes Happy, that's our signature.


Sameness is boring. At HappyCulture we believe in the individual. Our differences and those of our customers, the unique touch that we put into each of our hotels give you the chance to meet and discover. Priceless.


Having a career in the hotel business is not a requirement to join HappyCulture. What counts for us is the willingness to learn and above all the willingness to do well. Be rigorous without being rigid. Attentive to do the job with heart and know-how.

HappyCulture’s people

Key Figures


Creation of the HappyCulture concept and related training. The HappyCulture concept is based on the quality of customer of our business, all hotel and

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Opportunities for advancement are as vast as our smile! Our internal promotion rate is 30%.

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Emergence of new Happynautes profiles. HappyCulture Hotels launched an alternative recruitment campaign to develop talent with a job profile that’s

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Career path. All Sales Directors and Operations Managers are invited to follow an internal training programme through which they can progress.

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In 2022, HappyCulture is committed to a global CSR approach initiated in 2015, which we now call "Committed Hospitality". This translates into

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