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Book in a few clicks #HOURS, #NIGHT/#6/#12/#24, longer or shorter & ultra flexible packages and add hotel services to personalize your rental.
#HOURS is consumed à la carte: the room is booked by the hour and the experience is completed with a range of services and know-how of which our hosts are experts.

  • #NIGHT is the classic formula: book a room for one or more nights, arrive from 3pm & vacate the room before 11am.
  • With #6, #12 & #24, there are no more conventions! Set your arrival time & create a stay that suits you. Arrive when you want, leave when you have to.


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Castle life at the price of a studio!
Valid for stays of one month or more, this tailor-made offer dedicated to long stays allows you to live in a hotel room for less than € 900 per month while benefiting from personalized hotel services.

  • No guarantor required
  • A deposit of only 300€
  • A reception available 24 hours a day to meet all your needs
  • Broadband internet access (fibre optic) included
  • A bi-monthly cleaning included
  • Access to a break room with microwave, coffee and tea available
  • Low" prices with the best restaurants in the area
  • A Le bon Gourmet corner with small dishes available on site

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The chef of the restaurant Les Frangins invites himself into the privacy of your room!
Carried by the rhythm of the seasons and promoting an innovative French menu, the dishes offered by this trendy restaurant are based on fresh quality products selected for their unique flavors.

  • 3 step dinner at Les Frangins restaurant to be enjoyed in your room
  • Accomodation
  • Breakfast included


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Nuskin is coming to 10 Opera! Focused on wellness and skincare products, Nuskin helps people preserve their youth through a wide range of award-winning quality products that combine the best of science, nature and technology.
The popup store is open until the end of August.


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Need some peace and quiet to recharge your batteries? Leave for a few hours of sweetness in our 4 star hotel nestled in the heart of the cosmopolitan Pigalle district. An intimate experience awaits you.

  • 1 massage of 45min
  • Tea Ceremonial


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Live a cocooning experience in one of our Deluxe rooms equipped with a shower with essential oil diffuser, Skinjay. Spa atmosphere guaranteed!

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