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Discover the City of Light thanks to our hotels ideally located in Paris 9!

Our hotel Paris 9 has some great surprises in store for you! And because the 9th arrondissement of the City of Light is not limited to Pigalle or the Galeries Lafayette, the Joséphine hotel, the Maison Nabis and the Kipling hotel reveal some secrets… Come and discover the hidden face of Paris 9th.

Our hotels take you on a tour of the 9th district of Paris

The 9th district is full of good plans. Between the Opéra district, SoPi (or South Pigalle), rue des Martyrs, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière and a whole section of the Grands Boulevards, the 9th arrondissement of Paris is not the last when it comes to finding good addresses.

➢ The Hotel Joséphine, inspired by the Roaring Twenties with its colourful and festive spirit, has found you some surprising and unexpected activities…

➢ La Maison Nabis, a case of elegance and refinement, has some ideas for outings and original walks to do to discover the beauty of the 9th arrondissement.

➢ The hotel R. Kipling, our Cosy address in Pigalle, gives you its bohemian and trendy addresses.

Two original museums to visit during your stay in Paris 9

The Louvre and Beaubourg no longer hold any secrets from you? Come for a tour of Paris 9, our hotels have some nice surprises in store for you…

The Museum of Romantic Life

This is not a museum like the others. As soon as you arrive at 16, rue Chaptal, you can see that this visit will be different. You then enter a charming alley that leads you to the museum. You don’t feel like you are in a museum, but rather you are strolling and enjoying a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere tinged with romance. The Museum of Romantic Life bears its name well!

At the end of the alley is the mansion that was once the home of the painter Ary Scheffer. Here you will discover his works, widely represented, as well as the permanent collections.

The Gustave Moreau Museum

This museum is housed in the painter’s family home. The originality: the museum was entirely designed by Gustave Moreau.

The whole 1st floor is presented as a small sentimental SAS. No paintings by the master of the house here, but family portraits and works donated by his friends Théodore Chassériau or Edgar Degas.

Huge workshops occupy the ground floor and the 2nd and 3rd floors. One can admire several hundred paintings, watercolours, and no less than four thousand drawings…

For this is what makes this museum so special: the sketches and drawings give a broad overview of the techniques and subjects of the works on display. A great way to get to know the man who was the undisputed master of French Symbolism.

A unique house-studio in Paris, the Gustave Moreau National Museum has managed to preserve all the magic of its original atmosphere.

A must visit during your stay in Paris!

The Opera Garnier

The Opéra Garnier is undoubtedly the capital’s most representative – and emblematic – monument of the Second Empire style in Paris. Built between 1860 and 1875, during the great transformation works of the capital directed by Haussmann, it is one of the most majestic symbols of this period. It is also a true architectural gem, whose complex architecture and dome earned it the nickname “wedding cake”.

The Drouot Market 

Representing the world’s largest public auction market in France, the Drouot market is a real tourist alternative for lovers of original and unusual experiences. Since its creation in the 19th century, Drouot has become the leading French auction house and a key player in the French and international art market.

14, Boulevard des Capucines, Paris 9e

Go past 14 Boulevard des Capucines. Notice anything? Well, take a closer look… there’s a plaque at the entrance. It reads:

“Here on December 28th 1895 the first public screenings of animated photography took place using the cinematograph, a device invented by the Lumière brothers. “

And it is indeed in the French capital that the first public screening of cinema took place. Paris, an eternal link with the history of art!

Surprising walks a stone’s throw from our Paris 9 hotels

Our Paris 9 hotels have concocted some little walks for you… Intriguing and enriching, they also reveal a little-known part of Paris!

The covered passages of Paris

Parisian covered passages are the ancestors of today’s shopping centres.

Their unique and retro charm will take you back to the heart of the 19th century…

New Athens

Discover the district of New Athens! This neighborhood, which is part of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, was booming during the 19th century, when the intellectual and artistic elite of Paris had sumptuous mansions built to settle there. 

Stroll on the Grands Boulevards

You can see your stroll along the Grands Boulevards as a catalogue of architecture: a stroll along the Grands Boulevards allows you to navigate between architectural styles and eras.

This district had its heyday in the 19th century, a period during which the typical Parisian living places, the most elegant cafés of the capital and the most famous theatres were located there.

It is also in this district that tourists from all over the world used to gather during the World Fairs. It is also in the Grands Boulevard that the city’s modern accessories are born, such as public transport lines, newspaper kiosks, or even urinals?

Of course, the neighborhood has changed, the facilities have been modernized, and the Grands Boulevards are no longer the center of pleasures they once were.

However, there are still many traces of this glorious past… To be discovered during a walk from the Madeleine to République!

A garden to be seen on the side of our hotels Paris 9…

The 9th arrondissement of Paris is not the best area of the city if you are looking for greenery, parks and gardens. Indeed, it is more famous for its marked architecture of the 19th century. And it’s easier to stroll along the streets than along the paths.

However, for nature lovers, we have found a small garden in which it will be interesting to stop during one of your walks: the Alex Biscarre square.

This garden is located at the level of the very pretty Place Saint-Georges. It is a real haven of peace! However, the major interest of the Alex Biscarre square is not the calm that reigns there, but the sumptuous decor of the buildings that surround it. And more particularly the Dosne-Thier private mansion, which is located on the left at the entrance to the park. Moreover, the Alex Biscarre square is in fact the former private garden of this hotel. And the hotel, you will tell me? It is now a library of the Institut de France.

If our walks and address have more for you, don’t hesitate to come and see us to ask for more! Our Paris 9 hotels have not yet revealed all their secrets…

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