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Our 4 star hotel Toulouse center station, a very lifestyle co-creation: the Innès Hotel dresses in Habitat.

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Best Western Innes by HappyCulture - Lobby - Hotel Toulouse - Hotel Toulouse Station

A hotel Toulouse center station

The Innes hotel, our 4 star hotel in Toulouse station

Best Western Innes by HappyCulture - Double room - Hotel Toulouse - Hotel Toulouse station

A 4 star hotel with parking in Toulouse Centre station

Discover our design hotel with an ideal location in the center of Toulouse, near the train station. The hotel has a private parking at the rate of 10€/night (attention the parking is very narrow and is accessible according to availability).

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A 4 star hotel with an ideal location in Toulouse Centre

Find a 4 star hotel Toulouse station in the city center

Living a weekend in our four-star hotel in Toulouse is like taking an assurance of the highest standard of quality. Indeed, the Innes, our 4 star hotel in central Toulouse, takes advantage of the perfection of the furniture and textiles of the company "Habitat" to take you into a chic and shock universe.

Chic as far as the furniture in the lobby, the air-conditioned rooms, the breakfast room ;

Shocking for the presence, still through the "Habitat" company, of Sir Terence Conran, a Briton who must love to see his creations vibrate in the capital of French rugby.

The crunch (France-England rugby match!) ends there. Indeed the decor, the incomparable services, the professional quality of the Innes Hotel team make the difference. And it's always the guests who win the toss!

Parking, breakfast in your room or in the dining room, rest on the veranda, and table football (the ball is round) for epic games... While waiting to spend a moment in a downtown restaurant.

Best Western Innes by HappyCulture - Lobby - Hotel Toulouse - Hotel Toulouse station

The pink city is just as you imagine it: pink under the rays of the rising or setting sun.

In the Pink City, everything is designed to live by the water's edge, in the shade of the sun and the wind. The banks of the Garonne welcome you at the Bazacle mills. And there, and nowhere else, the sun says good evening in Occitan. In front of you shines the dome, the metro, and announces the stations in French and Occitan.

In the sky is a giant of European aviation: the beluga whale. The capital of Occitania is one of the European strongholds of Airbus and its subcontractors.

Here, close to Spain and Andorra, the student population is working hard to succeed in a highly competitive world. But the days end in the adjacent streets of the Capitol Square, St. George's Square for example.

Tourists pass from the Basilica of Saint Sernin to the Jacobin Convent, before strolling along Rue Taur. You surely know (at least by name) the local gastronomy: Toulouse sausage, Castelnaudary cassoulet and violet sweets. Toulouse is an essential stopover to live in France... Do it with our 4-star Hotel in Toulouse!

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The centre of Toulouse is 8 or 10 minutes walk from our hotel. Built in brick for centuries, its architectural wonders are all present in the historic city on a few square kilometers :

➢ The Saint Sernin basilica, where the relics of the eponymous saint rest;

➢ Its octagonal bell tower has defied the winds for nearly a thousand years;

➢ The palm tree vault of the Jacobin convent, which always surprises the most jaded of Gothic art lovers.

➢ And in a few turns of the wheel of a horse-drawn carriage (a dream!) you enter the renaissance main courtyard of the Hôtel d'Assezat.

Several canals criss-cross the city: the Canal du Midi, the Canal de Brienne and the Canal Latéral à la Garonne. They punctuate commercial activities that date back to Roman times.

The brick ramparts and the amphitheatre of Purpan-Ancely are still living traces of the Gallo-Roman civilization.

The Garonne, an almost tamed river, connects the two banks of the city at the level of the Ponts Neuf and Saint-Pierre bridge.

Opposite the old Toulouse is the Saint Cyprien district dominated by the Hôpital de la Grave and its extraordinary neighbour, the Hôtel Dieu Saint-Jacques, whose facade overlooks the river.

But if describing the city of Toulouse is one thing, visiting it is another...

Restaurants and bistros offer cosmopolitan cuisine, just like the city. For here you will hear all the languages of the world spoken. The capitol's grand theatre or the Cité de l'Espace will be the fun and cultural places to visit!

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