Hotel de l'Europe

Hotel de l'Europe

The Hotel is founded in an old relay station from the 15th century, and has a typical rural architecture, which will welcome you with Strasbourg hospitality. It is located in the heart of the historic district of Strasbourg.

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Hotel de l'Europe


Charming hotel in the heart of Strasbourg

Hotel de l'Europe

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A charming hotel in a charming city: Strasbourg

Many hotels call themselves "charming" without really knowing what that means. For us, it's really the right word. Its location is unique: the hotel is located on the Grande Ile, the emblematic place of Strasbourg, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This pedestrian area is the ideal place to live in peace in the heart of the city.

Then, the interior décor takes you into the world of travel by horse-drawn carriage, chair, coach and other buggies. The woodwork, stairs with fretworked balusters, half-timbering, leather are a nostalgic reminder of the emotions experienced by travellers leaving the city.

Finally, all the furniture has been chosen to give each room its character: either modern or antique, but with an incomparable refined luxury.

Of course, we have not skimped on the services offered in each of them, in terms of surface area, bed size and excellence in the choice of bathroom furniture.

You will be charmed, that's the right word, by the excellent comfort of the beds, the abundance of breakfasts, the choice of drinks at the bar, the delights offered at Yummy Corner, and, finally, the calm of the place while the city is at our doorstep.

At our place, you will fall in love with our culinary heritage. Restaurants, brasseries, wine cellars, pastry shops and other food shops are just waiting for you just a few hundred metres from your 4-star hotel in Strasbourg. If it's not worthy of a charming hotel... then!


And what about the charm of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? Entirely listed as a World Heritage Site, Strasbourg is a jewel whose setting is even more beautiful than it is. The seat of Europe's government sits at the crossroads of the Vosges Mountains, the Black Forest, Mont Saint Odile...

Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Sylvaner, etc. White wines and Alsace are the magnificent partners in a wine symphony that begins and ends in a bottle called "flûte d'Alsace". 90% of the white wines are produced here and you will find them all or almost all in the bar of our Europe Hotel.

In the villages along the wine route, you will be caught in the traffic jams for a tasting of aromatic wines to your heart's content. These places have strange names which give a good flavour to light white wines or powerful reds with a wide range of aromas.

From Marlenheim to Thann, from Cleebourg to Gertwiller, from Barr to Bergheim, from Ribeauvillé to Ingersheim, finally you will admire picturesque villages, Romanesque churches, the Carthusian monastery of Molsheim, the village of Riquewihr lost in the middle of the vineyards. Do not leave without visiting the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg. From this eagle's nest, Alsace offers itself to you. Admire its beauty!

A Hotel Centre-Strasbourg

Strasbourg, the 7th largest city in France, has some little-known assets. Not only is it home to France's second largest river port, it has also been the European capital since 1949; in 1979 it became the seat of the European Parliament, a place you can visit. Its culture is marked by Germanism, and for good reason. Since 1870, Strasbourg has been part of France and Germany, subject to the fates of the wars between our two peoples.

From our hotel, you will walk through the splendours of a city that cares about its cultural and architectural heritage. Before the passage of Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, for those who celebrate this day on December 6th, the most beautiful Christmas market in the world and its 300 shops light up the city with its fairy-tale colours. A forest of 23 fir trees appears, illuminated by 600 stars... And at night, when the quarter rings, the cathedral spire glitters for the delight of children.

As we are at the foot of Notre Dame, go to the pink sandstone cathedral. This is where the most extraordinary astronomical clock is located.

There, at the hour of the Last Supper (12:30 p.m.), automatons representing the apostles parade before Jesus. Don't think of his philosophical message about the passage of time... and instead let yourself be bathed in the soft light of the beautiful stained glass windows.

Afterwards, visit the Big Island, the Rohan Palace, the Kammerzell House, and the district of Little France. Further on, to the west of the Big Island you will find the typical Kleber station district.

One of the places to discover is the Esplanade Krutenau stock exchange district in the south of the Big Island. Here you will find a mixture of streets with medieval and more modern houses (1960 for the esplanade).

Our Europe Hotel is aptly named: it is, with you, at the centre of Europe and your holiday.

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